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Formed in September 2013, Black Thorn have been categorised into many genres, but never only 1. On their journey to finding the "new sound" they took too much, had a few too many and ended up somewhere around whatever they are now. Like a 21st century list of genders, their musical fluidity knows no bounds. Through combining heavy folk instrumentation with elements of rock, funk, pop-punk, blues and dance, they have crafted a unique recipe for original music. Giving no time for break-up songs or long lost love, their light topic lyrics are a musical diary for present time life. They now come fully loaded with full drum kit and keyboards, to every party. Ready for anything, they are back from a hiatus with new music and an in-your-face attitude.

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If aliens ever come down to Earth and ask what music is, we should play them ‘The Human Rave’ by Black Thorn

DJ Christian Carlisle, BBC Introducing

(There's a snippet of us playing at around 1:15)


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Lattitude Festival, 2017